What is the difference between a Company Stamp and a Company Seal?

Irish registered companies are required by law to have a Company Seal as stated in the Companies Act 2014. They are used to leave a company embossment on official documents such as deeds, statutory documents and share certificates. While a company stamp is not required, they are commonly preferred by businesses to quickly leave a […]

A Company Stamp can Simplify your Office Tasks

Rubber stamp for company tasks

McGrath Company seals self-inking stamps are an essential stationery tool to simplify office tasks in any business. A company stamp can be customised to include vital information necessary to authenticate documents quickly. The information included on a company stamp can be custom ordered to meet the needs of the specific tasks. Our quality rubber stamps […]

How to Dispose of a Corporate Seal | Free Destroying/Recycling Service

A variety of business professionals and legal entities are required to hold an embossment seal for use on legal documents and contracts. Irish registered companies, solicitors, notaries or a commissioner for oaths are all likely to use similar personalised seals. There are a wide variety of seal types depending on how they will be used […]